Fitzwilliam mark 277

Mark Masons in Malton

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Fitzwilliam Mark 277 meets at the Malton Lodge below the Milton Rooms in Malton

Contact the Secretary by clicking here.

Address is best described by:

  • Freemasons’Hall,
  • Yorkersgate,
  • NewMalton,
  • YO17 7AB
  • The Post Code for the Milton Rooms is YO17 7LX in case that helps with Sat Nav.
  • The Car Park is nearest the Milton Rooms.

  • Here is a picture of how to find the lodge - whilst a little out of date it is still useful. The new entrance is a little further down on the right hand side.

    Additional Resources

    The whole of the Malton lodge is "on the level" - the entrance, Temple and Banquet hall are all on the same level throughout.

    The entrance is down the steps from the Car Park towards Yorkersgate, the lower road, and Barclays Bank.